LeetCode vs. AlgoExpert: Which Is Better For Coding Interviews?

Any time people think of coding interview preparation, they’ll often think of LeetCode. LeetCode is the most popular online platform that people use to practice coding interview problems for free. A popular competitor to LeetCode for interview preparation is a website called AlgoExpert.

Is AlgoExpert, the $99 per year technical interview preparation product, better than LeetCode though?

AlgoExpert has its pros and cons compared to LeetCode as an interview preparation platform. For instance, AlgoExpert provides a much more professional presentation of interview problems along with solutions with time and space complexity. Alternatively, LeetCode has a bigger question and test bank.

In this article, we’ll explain what AlgoExpert is and what features it’s known for. We’ll also explain the differences between preparing for interviews on AlgoExpert vs. LeetCode while comparing and contrasting them to help you understand what makes each of them better than the other. At the end of the article, we’ll discuss whether AlgoExpert is worth buying.

What Is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is an online software engineer preparation interview platform founded by Clement Mihailescu, an ex-Google and ex-Facebook software engineer. AlgoExpert is both the name of the website and the name of a specific course of the platform that teaches software engineering role candidates how to pass coding interviews through a sequence of video explanations covering popular coding interview questions and patterns. It also has a platform where you can practice solving coding interview problems and submit solutions for scoring.

The platform supports multiple programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript to solve its coding interview problems. 

AlgoExpert is often compared with LeetCode, another coding interview preparation platform, for the purposes of passing a coding interview because they both provide a way for candidates to practice numerous technical interview questions on their sites.

What Are Other Alternatives To AlgoExpert And LeetCode?

Alternatives to AlgoExpert and LeetCode include platforms like HackerRank, Codecademy, CodeForces, Khan Academy, Codewars, and Project Euler. These alternatives each have their specific advantages in terms of what they provide. For instance, CodeForces provides rigorous problems for the hardest coding interviews and Khan Academy provides a platform that can be used for learning about the fundamentals of computer science and programming.
It’s important to leverage the 7 best alternatives to LeetCode to help you strengthen your weaknesses in interview preparation.

What Makes AlgoExpert Better Than LeetCode?

AlgoExpert’s high-quality video explanations for all the problems of its website the the primary reason it is better than LeetCode. Each video on the website covers all of the crucial aspects of solving interview problems from the intuitions, solutions, and time/space complexity analysis.

For LeetCode, its video explanation videos on YouTube aren’t the best quality for many of the existing LeetCode problems. AlgoExpert delivers a better product than LeetCode in this case.

In the image below, more criteria that make AlgoExpert better than Leetcode are depicted such as its guided format for interview preparation and all-in-one platform. Many of the additional features within AlgoExpert like the data structures crash course series, mock coding interviews, assessments, and certificates are nice-to-haves. However, there are better quality alternatives online for some of these nice-to-have features like Pramp for real mock coding interviews, LeetCode for mock interview assessments, and HackerRank’s YouTube playlist for data structures.

Screenshot of AlgoExpert vs. Cracking the Coding Interview vs. LeetCode comparisons from what AlgoExpert has on their website: https://www.algoexpert.io/product

If you’re a person who learns through video, AlgoExpert’s high-quality and content-rich videos are a reason to consider AlgoExpert instead of LeetCode. The videos contain information about everything that would be important when it comes to an actual interview such as what you should talk about, what to consider, time and space complexity analysis, and common coding interview solution patterns.

Is AlgoExpert Enough To Pass FAANG Interviews?

Yes. AlgoExpert is enough to pass FAANG interviews. It is a product that was created with the intention of preparing their customers to pass FAANG/big-tech coding interviews.

AlgoExpert is a great product to use to pass standard coding interviews at FAANG or big-tech companies because of its high-quality video explanations (especially if you’re a video learner). The problem types and difficulties are similar to the kind of questions asked during interviews.

Some companies people who used AlgoExpert say they received offers from. From https://www.algoexpert.io/product

However, If you’re not strictly trying to pass coding interviews, then this might not be the best resource. 

For instance, if you’re a competitive programmer this might not be the best product for you. The video explanations for data structures and the algorithms might be great, but interview problems are a small subset of what the world of competitive programming offers.

Interview problems tend to be easier than the questions asked during competitive programming competitions, and in addition to that, things like time and space complexity aren’t directly as important within competitive programming competitions or programming questions. You’re likely better off learning how to solve competitive programming problems through other means.

Is AlgoExpert Worth The Cost?

The cost of AlgoExpert is about $99 every year, and it is worth the cost if you’re trying to get a job at FAANG and are a video learner. It’s a great platform with comprehensive high-quality video explanations for solving interview-style programming problems. Getting a job at FAANG would also be 1000x the investment. However, For many students and working professionals on a budget or in an environment where purchasing power is reduced, this understandably is a steep upfront cost. 

What Makes LeetCode Better Than AlgoExpert?

Features of LeetCode that make it a better interview platform than AlgoExpert include its better quality problems, its better filtering options for its questions, its overall higher quality non-video solution explanations, and its larger contributor base.

For each of these aspects of LeetCode that make it better than AlgoExpert, we’ll define each of them are in the sections below. We’ll also explain their significance.

While I’ve talked about the benefits of AlgoExpert for the majority of the article, I think it’s only fair to describe some of the advantages that LeetCode Premium has over AlgoExpert.

1. Better Quality Problems

Having better quality problems means to have coding interview questions that are easier to understand and more relevant within the context of what’s likely to be asked during a real interview. LeetCode has better quality problems than AlgoExpert because it has more questions that are asked by big tech companies, and it also has a large number of problems you can do for additional practice.

LeetCode has over 2,400 problems compared to AlgoExpert’s 160 problems. That’s about 16x as many questions. Of course, not all of these problems are going to be relevant for interview preparation, but many of them will.

It’s not only about the current amount of interview questions they have. They frequently add more questions.

AlgoExpert’s product focuses solely on the core types of interview problems you’d be asked about during FAANG interviews. However, it’s important to understand that the popular interview question types evolve over time, and that’s where AlgoExpert tends to lag behind LeetCode.

Even free LeetCode users have access to the majority of the problems on LeetCode. This isn’t even considering the LeetCode premium perks just yet.

2. Better Filtering Options

Bettering filtering options means having the ability to filter the questions you want to solve on a platform by specific criteria.

LeetCode allows its premium users to filter questions by companies and then sort those questions by frequency asked. The questions that are flagged as “asked by this company” aren’t usually asked verbatim in coding interviews. Instead, variants of the question that use the same LeetCode pattern used to solve the question are asked.

If you’re pressed for time, then this is a key feature you’d want to utilize within the LeetCode premium platform that AlgoExpert doesn’t offer.

screenshot of what you can see on leetcode premium (sorting by frequency of problems)
Screenshot of premium feature enabled to sort problems by frequency asked by companies

Filtering questions allows you to see the question types that are asked within as short as a 6-month time period for any major technology company. You’re able to observe things like the question themes that are typically asked along with the common difficulties of the problems.

Question themes could include things like, “Oh, this company loves to ask this specific variation of binary search problems,” or “Wow, this company loves to ask graph problems so I better brush up on that.”

Common difficulties are easy to see once you sort questions by frequency. While a general rule of thumb is that companies will ask LeetCode mediums or the easier side of LeetCode hards, some companies only ask LeetCode medium questions and some hard easies. The trend is identifiable with this LeetCode premium feature.

3. Higher Quality Solutions

Higher quality solutions mean providing higher quality and easier-to-understand explanations for coding interview problems, in any medium. LeetCode’s solution tab (also called the discuss section) has very well-written explanations (higher quality solutions) that rival AlgoExpert’s quality, even as crowdsourced answers.

As of recently, LeetCode’s editorial answers are starting to include high-quality video solutions as well. If LeetCode continues to do so for the majority of their problems, LeetCode could overtake AlgoExpert’s most competitive advantage in the interviewing prep domain including in video solutions.

4. Larger Contributor Base

In addition to the vast and growing number of interview problems on the LeetCode platform, LeetCode also has the biggest and most active crowdsourcing ecosystem.

Screenshot of LeetCode’s Discuss tab open for a problem and also showing where the Discuss and Solution tabs are located

LeetCode problem explanations exist in either the Solution tab or the Discuss section. Of the solutions that exist, active users tend to comment about corrections and optimizations to the provided solutions. Often, the users are able to point each other in helpful directions.

The LeetCode problem explanations and community spans past just the LeetCode platform website. It extends to other platforms as well like YouTube and personal blogs. People are willing to create content that supports the LeetCode ecosystem. The content includes things like LeetCode video solutions and articles on general LeetCode problem-solving tips.

This is one of the most underrated strengths of the LeetCode platform for both free and paid users. The biggest disadvantage of this is that sometimes the information is wrong, nonuniform, and/or unclear because the comments and explanations are not professionally created.

Is AlgoExpert Worth Buying?

AlgoExpert is worth buying for the purposes of learning to solve big-tech coding interview problems and pass coding interviews. It is a great alternative to LeetCode.

If you’re able to get a job at Big Tech or FAANG while paying for both AlgoExpert and LeetCode, it would still be worth it. $300 per year (including both subscriptions) is nothing compared to the total compensation offered by most big tech companies. For reference, an entry-level position could be roughly $180K a year.

Screenshot of an average L3 (entry-level) software engineer salary based on levels.fyi

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