What Is The Mission Of For Software Engineers?

Our company ForSoftwareEngineers’ mission is to help people become software engineers and help software engineers become better software engineers. In other words, we help software engineers develop their software engineering careers through our articles, videos, and other content we post throughout this website and our social media platforms.

Who Is The Founder Of Software Engineers?

ForSoftwareEngineers (also known as For Software Engineers) was founded in 2022 by Joseph Onifade, a first-generation college graduate and alumnus of George Mason University (GMU), who majored in Computer Science and is an experienced software engineer. Over his software engineering career, he’s worked at companies like Google and Capital One as a software engineer, and his opinions have been featured on online sites like Springboard. He founded ForSoftwareEngineers as a result of wanting to help more people, beyond initially his friends, get careers in technology after he was able to without career guidance, mentoring, or relevant networks.