Is LeetCode Premium Worth It?

LeetCode premium is a subscription service that software engineers use to get additional features from the LeetCode platform. However, is LeetCode premium worth purchasing for the purposes of passing coding interviews to get software engineering jobs at big tech companies? Getting LeetCode Premium is worth it for the vast majority of LeetCode users who have used LeetCode Premium to get jobs at big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta.

Using LeetCode Premium preparing for interviews

In this article, we’ll describe what LeetCode premium is in more detail, explaining whether there are discounts and what specific features are offered. We’ll then describe specific features of LeetCode premium that could make it worth getting if you’re trying to practice coding interview problems to pass technical interviews. 

What Is LeetCode Premium?

LeetCode premium is a subscription service to the LeetCode platform that’s used for coding interview preparation. It costs about $35 per month (or $159 annually, as a bundle offer), and it provides additional features to the LeetCode platform that aren’t provided for free like access to premium questions, company-specific coding questions, additional filtering for questions, premium explore cards (structured curriculums), and faster question submission time.

The image below depicts the two payment options that LeetCode offers on their website.

LeetCode website's LeetCode premium options

LeetCode Premium is a common subscription service that many software engineers have used in their LeetCode interview preparation.

Is There A Discount For LeetCode Premium?

Generally, LeetCode does not offer discounts for LeetCode premium. However, recently, LeetCode has started offering LeetCode Premium to college students for $99 per year (lifetime offer) if they’re able to recruit 50 other students from their school. However, this isn’t practical for the vast majority of people to get LeetCode premium at a discounted rate.

Can You Get LeetCode Premium For Free?

No. It is impossible to get access to LeetCode premium for free in a legal and compliant way to LeetCode’s terms of service.

What Features Does LeetCode Premium Give You?

LeetCode Premium provides you with a variety of features on their platform. All of the features are listed below.

  • Video solutions
  • The ability to filter questions by company
  • Access to a debugger within their coding interview practice platform
  • The ability to filter questions by frequency asked
  • Unlimited playgrounds for working with code
  • Consistent code and layouts across all devices through cloud storage
  • Access to premium content such as premium questions, premium explore cards, and premium solution explanations on data structures and algorithms.
  • Autocomplete within their code editor
  • Lightning judge, their fastest test runner
  • Mock interview assessments specific to specific companies
  • Additional discounts on their physical merchandise like bags and shirts

However, many of these features aren’t important for the purposes of practicing coding interview problems to pass coding interviews. In the sections below, we’ll discuss some of the best LeetCode features that LeetCode premium offers you if your goal is to pass software engineer interviews. We’ll also cover how the features are specifically useful for passing software engineering interviews.

1. LeetCode Premium Video Solutions

LeetCode Premium Video Solutions are video walkthroughs that explain how to solve specific coding problems. These videos are made by the official LeetCode administrative team and offer step-by-step guides for solving the questions. They provide a different learning medium than written explanations, making it easier to understand complex problems and their solutions. The video solutions compete with alternatives to LeetCode like AlgoExpert.

The video solutions prepare you for coding interviews by breaking down the problem-solving process in real time. They offer insights into efficient coding techniques and common pitfalls to avoid. By understanding the rationale behind each solution, you become more adept at tackling similar problems in actual interviews.

2. LeetCode Premium Question Data (Companies and Frequently Asked)

LeetCode Premium Question Data is a LeetCode Premium feature that allows users to filter questions based on the companies that have previously asked them or how frequently they are asked. The database is updated regularly, providing a targeted approach to your study. This helps you focus on problems that are more likely to appear in interviews with specific companies.

Knowing which questions are commonly asked by certain companies gives you a strategic advantage. It allows you to prioritize your practice based on where you’re applying, increasing your chances of performing well. Targeted preparation can lead to a more efficient and effective study regime, directly contributing to your success in coding interviews.

3. LeetCode Premium Questions

LeetCode Premium Questions are advanced coding problems that are exclusive to premium users. These questions are generally more complex and come with detailed explanations and solutions. They offer a higher level of challenge that prepares you for tough interview questions.

Solving advanced problems makes you more comfortable with complex algorithms and data structures. It expands your toolkit for solving difficult questions in interviews. This thorough preparation makes you stand out from other candidates and increases your chances of landing the job.

4. LeetCode Premium Solutions (Explanations)

LeetCode Premium Solutions offers in-depth explanations for coding interview problems. They not only provide the solution but also offer a rationale for why that particular solution is most effective. These detailed guides help you understand the underlying concepts and reasoning behind each problem.

A deep understanding of the problem-solving process enables you to adapt and apply similar techniques to new problems. Learning the “why” behind each solution makes you more flexible in your problem-solving approach. Being adaptable and understanding the fundamentals can make a significant difference in your coding interview performance.

5. LeetCode Premium Explore Cards

LeetCode Premium Explore Cards are structured learning paths that cover various topics related to coding interviews. These cards contain problems, tutorials, and additional resources that are grouped by theme or difficulty level. They provide a structured way to study and practice coding problems.

These explore cards offer a comprehensive and organized method of preparation. They guide you through a sequence of problems and concepts, ensuring that you cover all necessary material. A well-rounded preparation approach prepares you for a wide variety of questions, making you a stronger candidate in coding interviews.

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